Past events

27 Feb. 2019

Wine & Science

Wine & Science is recurring event by the Natural History Museum of Denmark. On this specific event titled ' 'Europas rødder: arkæologi, genitik, lingvistik' (Roots of Europe: archaeology, genetics and linguistic) the subject will be the prehistory of Europe.
11 Oct. 2012, 1:00-4:00

Indo-European words that matter

In 2009, we proudly proclaimed that Indo-European Matters. In 2010, we maintained that Indo-European Still Matters. Last year, in 2011, we firmly established that Indo-European Matters Even More.

This year, in order to truly substantiate our claims of the preceding three years, we have found some Indo-European Words That Matter! These words of undoubtedly incomparable importance will be presented to the public at an afternoon conference during the fourth annual visit of the Roots of Europe international advisory board.

Organizer: Roots of Europe

The lectures are open to the public.

6 Mar. 2009, 16:15

'Hunnic' modified skulls: physical appearance, identity and the transformative nature of migrations

Guest lecture to be given by Susanne Hakenbeck, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research/Newnham College, Cambridge.

Dr. Hakenbeck's lecture will take place on 6 March 2009 at 4:15 PM at the University of Copenhagen at Amager (KUA), room 23.4.39, and will be held in English. It will be arranged by The Danish Society for Central Asia and Roots of Europe.

Everybody is welcome.