Interview with the dead: Reconstructing prehistoric Germanic r/n-stem inflection

Hvem, hvad, hvor and hvornår

Guest lecture by Jenne Klimp, University of Groningen.

The lecture, which will be held in English, will take place on 26 February 2014 at 15:15 at the University of Copenhagen at Amager (KUA), room 24.2.01.

Everybody is welcome.

Roots of Europe - Language, Culture, and Migrations

Short description of the topic

LiverIn this talk I present some interesting results from my recently completed MA-thesis. In my thesis I’ve traced the development of Indo-European r/n-stem inflection (i.e. heteroclisy) into Germanic, focusing especially on the developments within prehistoric Germanic. Some topics that will be discussed are: the nature of Indo-European heteroclisy, the Germanic evidence from a comparative perspective, and the relevance of this particular class for the relative chronology of prehistoric Germanic sound changes.

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