Baltic Languages, Folk Belief and Natural Science

Who, what, where and when

A block seminar by Dr. Bernd Gliwa, University of Latvia.

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 10 November at 15-17 in room 23.4.39, on Thursday 11 November at 10-12 in room 21.0.54 & at 15-17 in room 27.0.09 and on Friday 12 November at 15-17 in room 27.0.09 at the University of Copenhagen in Amager (KUA) and will be given in English.

Organizer: Roots of Europe.

Everybody is welcome.

Short Description of the Topic

At the block seminar, dr Gliwa will mainly touch upon the following subjects:

1) Baltic plant-names in an Indo-European context. Dr Gliwa will show how evidence from folk-belief, botany and medicine can cast light on these parts of the Baltic inherited lexicon.

2) Baltic place-names in a mythological and historical context.

3) How legends and folklore can be used as a source of information for inherited Baltic and Indo-European concepts, especially myths associated with lakes and bogs which touches upon the role of music and musicians in society, the location of the Otherworld and beliefs regarding the hereafter.

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