Festlig Faglig Fredag with Corinna Sheungraber: Word formation and the conundrum of root »extensions«

Image of a stone-cut human figure with a lyre
A Celtic bard (*gʷr̥H-dʰh₁o-), one of the lexemes included in the discussion. This particular bard is from Brittany. La Tène culture, 2nd mill. BCE. Image via Wikimedia commons.

The leaves are falling and whispering their farewell. One of these farewells is the news that Corinna Scheungraber will present a talk at Festlig Faglig Fredag:

Word formation and the conundrum of root »extensions«: Obscured univerbations involving the PIE roots *dʰeh₁- ‘put’, *deh₃- ‘give’ and *steh₂- ‘stand’ in Germanic and Indo-European

As always, everyone is welcome. We'll convene from 16:00, and the floor will be taken by Corinna at a quarter past.

See you there!