Indo-European words that matter

In 2009, we proudly proclaimed that Indo-European Matters. In 2010, we maintained that Indo-European Still Matters. Last year, in 2011, we firmly established that Indo-European Matters Even More.

This year, in order to truly substantiate our claims of the preceding three years, we have found some Indo-European Words That Matter! These words of undoubtedly incomparable importance will be presented to the public at an afternoon conference during the fourth annual visit of the Roots of Europe international advisory board.

Programme (KUA, room 21.1.21)


13:00 Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead, University of Copenhagen: Towards a meaningful classification of nominal compounds

13:30 Adam Hyllested, University of Copenhagen: The etymology of Finnish aika ‘time’: Baltic, Slavic, or Germanic?

14:00 Douglas Adams, University of Idaho: Morphosyntax as the Handmaid of Etymology: On the History of the Causal and Ablative Case-Endings in Tocharian

14:30 Break

15:00 Joshua Katz, Princeton University: What are they?: Some Hidden Forms of the Old Irish Copula

15:30 Andreas Willi, University of Oxford: κακός and καλός

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