Workshop: Statistical analysis in R and application to linguistic data

PCA plot of European individuals
PCA plot of European individuals for decorative purposes. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Ron Nudel (Copenhagen University Hospital and CORE – Copenhagen Research Center for Mental Health, Psychiatric Center Copenhagen)

The workshop will introduce basic statistical concepts such as: variance and covariance, correlation, effect size, p-value, sample and population, and types of variables. Methods for exploratory data analysis such as PCA and MCA, as well as basic statistical testing, will also be introduced. We will work in R and learn how to apply these concepts and methods to real linguistic data.

Participants will need to bring a laptop with R and several libraries installed (all freely available online). Information on this will be provided to registered participants prior to the workshop.

To sign up for the workshop send an email to Thomas Olander at no later than Friday 26 May 2023.