Text transmissions and language history: hidden treasures and pitfalls

Texts from Greek anitiquity are notoriously unstable. The literary works that make up our primary source of the state of the classical language are the result of a long process of transmission—and oftentimes, and even more fluid period of oral traditions predate the written works. This leads to ghost forms that end up burgeoning in handbooks; but occasionally, careful analysis of the material and traditions can also lead to findings that might otherwise have been lost.

This is the basic thesis when George Hinge, associate professor and Ph.D. of classical philology at Aarhus University, takes the Roots of Europe stage on Tuesday, 15 November, and gives a guest lecture on the hidden treasures and pitfalls to be encountered when working with classical texts, Greek in particular.

The lecture will take place at Ny KUA in room 23.4.39 and will start at 4 PM.

Please note: this lecture will be given in Danish.