Festlig Faglig Fredag (ii)

Monophthongisation of u-diphthong before Labial Consonant in Greek

At this second edition of Festive Academic Friday, which will take place on November 8th at 1600, Tore Rovs Kristoffersen will present some points from his Master’s thesis, about which he writes:

In my soon to be finished thesis I have investigated a sound law, which originally was proposed by Adam Hyllested and Paul Cohen in an article in 2007. The authors here presented a handfull of examples in which we see word initial ὑ- in stead of expected diphthong (e.g. ὑφαίνω 'jeg væver' i stedet for †αὐφαίνω < *h₂(e)ubʰ‑n̥i̯e/o‑) as proof of a sound law *VuP- > P-, and suggested that it could be applicable in word medial position. However, for the latter the authors didn't conduct a systematic examination of the material. So I did the the examination and can among other things conclude that there are even more examples of monophthongisation in medial position than in initial position and that there are no clear counter examples hereof. 

The concept is as usual: the first half is academic the next is free socialisation.

Penelope by her loom
Penelope at her loom. Drawing of red figured Attic skyphos attributed to the Penelope painter. Museo Civico in Chiusi. Dated c. 430 BCE. (foto: researchgate)

Festlig Faglig Fredag (Festive Aacademic Friday) is a concept where you can give a talk in an informal environment, that being e.g. about a paper you wrote, an article you're working on, or as a rehearsel for a conference talk. Afterwards there will be time for socialising and maybe a little something to drink. It takes place in the Indo-European handbook library (room 22.5.04)


If you are interested in giving a talk, contact Birgit in room 22.5.10 or at bao@hum.ku.dk