Celtic Spring in Copenhagen

Roots of Europe invites all to a three-day seminar on Celtic languages from 23 May till 25 May 2012 in Copenhagen. The invited speakers are:

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  • David Stifter, National University of Ireland
  • Oliver Simkin, University of Copenhagen
  • Peter Schrijver, University of Utrecht
  • Stefan Schumacher, University of Vienna
  • Anders Richardt Jørgensen, University of Copenhagen

Each speaker will give talks on a selected branch of Celtic studies, divided into Continental Celtic (Stifter), Celtiberian (Simkin), Old Irish (Schrijver), Middle Welsh (Schumacher), and Middle Breton (Jørgensen).

Each speaker will begin with a brief general introduction to the branch in question.

All are welcome and registration is not needed. The seminar will take place in theatre 27.0.09 at Ny KUA, Njalsgade 136, 2300 København S. 


Wednesday Thursday Friday
10-11 Old Irish (Schrijver) PCelt./Cont. Celt. (Stifter) Middle Welsh (Schumacher)
11-12 Old Irish (Schrijver) PCelt./Cont. Celt. (Stifter) Middle Welsh (Schumacher)
12-13 Old Irish (Schrijver) Middle Breton (Jørgensen) Middle Welsh (Schumacher)
13-14 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14-15 Old Irish (Schrijver) Middle Breton (Jørgensen) Language contact in Medieval Brittany (Jørgensen)
15-16 Old Irish (Schrijver) Absolute and conjunct – current state of the discussion (Schumacher) New Issues in Ancient Celtic Palaeography(Stifter)

New Gaulish Inscriptions (Stifter)

Talk/Celtib. etc. (Simkin)
The Neighbours of Celtic: Family or Friends? The Relationship between Celtic and Italic Revisited (Schrijver)


Some of the afternoon talks will be livestreamed and later podcasted. 

Handout material

Below you can download the handout material for David Stifters talks:

Old Celtic in general
Gaulish I
Gaulish II
Celtiberian I
Celtiberian II
Celtiberian III

Powerpoint presentations

New Gaulish Inscriptions
Issues in Ancient Celtic Writing

The seminar also has a Facebook event where we encourage you to make any further inquiries or comments you may have.