Introduction to the Lithuanian/Baltic language and its history

In week 43, postdoc fellow, Ph.D. Jenny Helena Larsson will give a block seminar entitled Introduction to the Lithuanian/Baltic language and its history.

Everybody is welcome to follow the block seminar. Lectures will, however, be held in Danish, unless otherwise requested to Jenny Helena Larsson ( or to student assistant Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen (

The day-for-day schedule of the block seminar is:

  • Monday, 20 October, 11-13
  • Tuesday, 21 October, 14-16
  • Wednesday, 22 October, 14-16
  • Thursday, 23 October, 12-14
  • Friday, 24 October, 12-14

On the first day, the lectures will be held in room 22.5.26 at the University of Copenhagen at Amager (KUA). If, however, the number of participants turns out to exceed what the room has been approved for, an alternative room will be found for the following days.

For further information on the block seminar please contact Jenny Helena Larsson ( or Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen (