Block seminar on Gothic word formation

Who, what, where and when 

A block seminar on Gothic word formation and a lecture on the Gothic language by Dr. Antje Casaretto, University of Cologne

Short description of the topic

The week's schedule (25-27 February 2009) is: 

  • Wednesday, 25 February, 11.15 - ca. 14.00
    Room 23.4.39
    Seminar 1: On linguistic contacts and their impact on word formation
  • Thursday, 26 February, 11.15 - ca. 13.00
    Room 23.4.39
    Seminar 2: On the border area between inflectional and derivational morphology - change of suffixes and alternation between inflectional classes
  • Thursday, 26 February, 16.15
    Room 23.4.39
    Lecture: Exact title to be announced later 
  • Friday, 27 February, 11.00 - ca. 14.00
    Room 27.0.09
    Seminar 3: A detailed survey of the individual derivational types - archaisms and renewal within the dental suffixes.

Dr Casaretto will talk in English. Both events are organized by Roots of Europe

Everybody is welcome.