Gothic graffiti discovered on the Crimean Peninsula

Center for Roots of Europe organizes guest lecture by Andrei Vinogradov (HSE, Moscow) & Maksim Korobov (ISLU, Irkutsk).

Gothic graffiti have been discovered on fragments of a cornice from the early Byzantine basilica of Mangup in the Crimean Mountains. The inscriptions are dated to the late 9th
– early 10th century, and are written in the script devised by Bishop Wulfila in the 4th century. The legible parts contain Christian prayers and a hitherto unknown quotation from the Gothic Psalter.

Andrei Vinogradov and Maksim Korobov will analyze the epigraphic and philological background of the inscriptions, and position them within the history the Gothic language on the Crimea.

All interested are welcome.