Baltic Languages, Folk Belief and Natural Science

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Blokseminar ved Dr. Bernd Gliwa, University of Latvia.

Seminaret er på engelsk og finder sted onsdag d. 10. november kl. 15-17 i lokale 23.4.39, torsdag d. 11. november kl. 10-12 i lokale 21.0.54 og kl. 15-17 i lokale 27.0.09 og fredag d. 12. november kl. 15-17 i lokale 27.0.09.

Arrangør: Roots of Europe.

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Kort beskrivelse af emnet

At the block seminar, dr Gliwa will mainly touch upon the following subjects:

1) Baltic plant-names in an Indo-European context. Dr Gliwa will show how evidence from folk-belief, botany and medicine can cast light on these parts of the Baltic inherited lexicon.

2) Baltic place-names in a mythological and historical context.

3) How legends and folklore can be used as a source of information for inherited Baltic and Indo-European concepts, especially myths associated with lakes and bogs which touches upon the role of music and musicians in society, the location of the Otherworld and beliefs regarding the hereafter.

Schedule (order of talks not fixed):

10 November 3-5 PM
The mythic tunnel effect: how and why does a cow tunnel between lakes?

11 November 10-12 AM
Profane device or sacred object? - some remarks on myths and the modern reception of religious history in the Baltics

11 November 3-5 PM
Laume-Ragana - a Baltic deity (?) and her duties

12 November 3-5 PM
Baltic plant names in European and Indo-European context - knowledge, classification, use of plants


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