Archive of the announced events of the research project Roots of Europe - Language, Culture, and Migrations of the year 2012.

Tracing the Indo-Europeans: Origin and migration

12 December 2012 kl. 10:00

The research centre Roots of Europe kindly invites you to a three-day seminar featuring some of the leading scholars working in the interface between Indo-European language and culture. Together they will try to find a consensus on the indentification of an Indo-European homeland and the character of the Indo-European migrations. Read more

Indo-European words that matter

11 October 2012 kl. 1:00 PM

In 2009, we proudly proclaimed that Indo-European Matters. In 2010, we maintained that Indo-European Still Matters. Last year, in 2011, we firmly established that Indo-European Matters Even More.

This year, in order to truly substantiate our claims of the preceding three years, we have found some Indo-European Words That Matter! These words of undoubtedly incomparable importance will be presented to the public at an afternoon conference during the fourth annual visit of the Roots of Europe international advisory board.

Organizer: Roots of Europe

The lectures are open to the public.

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Studies in Latin etymology and phonology

8 October 2012

Studies in Latin etymology and phonology - a three-day seminar by Brent Vine (University of Californis, Los Angeles) Read more

Celtic Spring in Copenhagen

23 May 2012

Three-day seminar on Celtic languages and their history with general introductions to selected Celtic languages. Read more

The Genetic Evidence for the Origin of Homo Sapiens

12 April 2012 kl. 14:00

Peter K.A. Jensen will deliver an updated version of what is known about the origin of the modern human being with emphasis on the genetic aspect (molecular anthropology), including what is known about a possible mixing of the modern gene pool with the gene pool of various archaic human types (ex. neanderthals) Read more

Animacy and Vedic accent in Kalashamon, an Indo-Aryan language in North-West Pakistan

10 February 2012 kl. 15:30

Jan Heegård Petersen opens the spring semester with a lecture on Kalashamon Read more