Towards a New European Prehistory

The Rise II project Towards a New European Prehistory is a multinational and multidisciplinary cooperation led by Prof. Kristian Kristiansen at Gothenburg University and funded by Svenska Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Guus Kroonen (professor with special responsibilities) is in charge of the linguistic aspects of the project. 

We focus in on several important transformations in European Prehistory from the end of the Mesolithic (Hunter-Gatherers) until the Iron Age.

Firstly, we trace the introduction of farming after 4000 BC into northern Europe.

Secondly, we trace movement from the Iberian Peninsula north along the Atlantic coastline of Bell Beaker people, which may have introduced metalworking in this part of Europe.

Thirdly, the Bronze Age stands out as a new epoch of extreme connectivity and trade from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia. We trace genetically and strontium wise how this new interconnected world operated.

To achieve these goals, we employ an interdisciplinary research design by combining ancient DNA, isotopic tracing, archaeology and historical linguistics to document the full complexity of these historical changes.