4 May 2023

New book: The Indo-European Puzzle Revisited

Front page of the book. Black background with an anthropomorphic stele.
Book cover

The book

The Indo-European Puzzle Revisited Integrating Archaeology, Genetics, and Linguistics

Edited by Kristian Kristiansen, Guus Kroonen and Eske Willerslev has been published!

The book contains chapters by many researchers from Roots of Europe (Birgit Anette Olsen, Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead, Thomas Olander and Guus Kroonen himself), former students (Rasmus Thorsø and Anders Jørgensen) as well as many other Indo-Europeanists, archaeologists and geneticists. Guus has made a Tweet about it:

You can see more about the book on the homepage of Cambridge University Press:


And see the summary here

This book examines the impact of ancient DNA research and scientific evidence on our understanding of the emergence of the Indo-European languages in prehistory. Offering cutting-edge contributions from an international team of scholars, it considers the driving forces behind the Indo-European migrations during the third and second millennia BC. The volume explores the rise of the world’s first pastoral nomads, the Yamnaya culture, in the Russian Pontic steppe, including their social organization, expansions, and the transition from nomadism to semi-sedentism when entering Europe. It also traces the chariot conquest in the late Bronze Age and its impact on the expansion of the Indo-Iranian languages into Central Asia. In the final section, the volume considers the development of hierarchical societies and the origins of slavery. A landmark synthesis of recent, exciting discoveries, the book also includes an extensive theoretical discussion regarding the integration of linguistics, genetics, and archaeology, and the importance of interdisciplinary research in the study of ancient migration.

Kristian Kristiansen is Professor of Archaeology at the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Gothenburg and Affiliated Professor at the Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen. He specializes in the Bronze Age of western Eurasia, archaeological theory, and cultural heritage studies.

Guus Kroonen is an Indo-Europeanist based at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. His specializations include Scandinavian, Germanic, and Indo-European linguistics. In addition, he is Professor with Special Responsibilities of Linguistic Prehistory at the Copenhagen University section of Indo-European Studies.

Eske Willerslev is Lundbeck Foundation Professor at the Globe Institute at the University of Copenhagen, and Prince Phillip Professor at the Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge. He is an evolutionary geneticist, recognized for his studies on human evolution and environmental DNA.