31 July 2018

First and second place to Indo-Europeanists from University of Copenhagen

At the annual prize competition for the best Master’s thesis by the Society for Indo-European Studies, two graduates from Indo-European Studies at the University of Copenhagen have won the first and second prizes respectively.

Rasmus Thorsø Nielsen won the first prize with his Master’s thesis The shared lexicon of Armenian and Greek. Rasmus Thorsø Nielsen became a candidate in September 2016 and begins as a PhD student at the project The Linguistic Roots of Europe's Agricultural Transition at Leiden University in September 2018.

Rasmus Gudmundsen Bjørn won the second prize with his prize paper Foreign elements in the Proto-Indo-European vocabulary, which also won the gold medal at the annual Commemoration of the University of Copenhagen in November 2017. He became a candidate in April 2017 and is currently working as a scientific assistant at The Arnamagnean Collection, University of Copenhagen.