Archive of the announced events of the research project Roots of Europe - Language, Culture, and Migrations of the year 2013.

The linguistic roots of Europe: Seminar on pre-Proto-Indoeuropean languages

27 October 2013 kl. 15:30

Two lectures on Sardinian and Iberian languages by prof. Eduardo Blasco Ferrer, Cagliari. Read more

Indo-European rules

10 October 2013 kl. 15:00

Mini conference with talks from Brent Vine, Joshua T. Katz, Michael Janda and Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead. Read more

Reconstruction in time and space

12 June 2013

A three-day seminar with professor Henning Andersen, UCLA. Read more

Indo-European heroic poetry and Slavic epics - some mutual insights

15 May 2013

A three-day seminar about Slavic and Indo-European etymology, mythology, and epic poetry by professor Aleksandar Loma, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and PhD student Orsat Ligorio, Leiden University / University of Zadar.
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