The testimony of language

Barjamovic's contribution to the project will be investigations into Hittite and other Anatolian personal names, toponyms and loanwords as attested in the Assyrian documents. The geographical distribution of this onomastic material is of great relevance to our understanding of the problems related to the early dispersal of the Indo-European language family, specifically when and where Indo-European languages entered into Anatolia and what role, if any, the speakers of these languages played in the introduction of Indo-European into the European continent.

Whittaker, who aims at a monograph on the subject, propagates a controversial, but highly interesting theory of Indo-European loanwords in Sumerian, supported by a number of sound-looking etymologies and consistent sound correspondences.

Scholars in charge

Assistant research professor, Ph.D. Gojko Johansen Barjamovic
Professor, dr. Gordon Whittaker