External researchers

  • Dr Gojko Johansen Barjamovic

    Assistant research professor of assyriology at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen.
    Primary field of interest: Middle Eastern history and Assyrian and Babylonian philology and history. Dr Barjamovic will be researching Anatolian onomastics.
    Phone: +45 35 32 89 05Ring op: +45 35 32 89 05

    Email: barjamovic@hum.ku.dk

  • Dr Bernd Gliwa

    Postdoc fellow at the Chair of Baltic Linguistics, University of Latvia.
    Primary field of interest: Baltic languages, mythology and folklore. Dr Gliwa is currently working on an Etymological Dictionary of Baltic Plant Names which, together with various writings on Baltic place names and legends, will form part of the project. In 2008 Gliwa visited the project for the block seminar Baltic Languages, Folk Belief and Natural Science


    Phone: +370 618 16204Ring op: +370 618 16204

    Email: berndgliwa@yahoo.de

  • Dr George Hinge

    Associate professor of Classics at the Institute of Language, Literature and Culture, University of Aarhus.
    Primary field of interest: comparative linguistics and etymology, Classics, and history. Within the remits of the project, Dr Hinge is working on linguistic con- and divergence in Indo-European, Koine Greek and Latin. Hinge visited the project in 2011 giving a guest lecture.
    Phone: +45 89 42 20 67Ring op: +45 89 42 20 67
    Email: george.hinge@hum.au.dk

  • Emeritus professor Anders Hultgård

    Emeritus professor  at the Department of Theology, Uppsala University.
    Primary fields of interest: the history of religion with a particular focus on Indo-European religion. For the project, Professor Hultgård will work on comparative studies of Scandinavian religion in its Indo-European context.



  • Professor Peter Jackson

    Professor of history of religion at the Department of Ethnology, History of Religions and Gender Studies, Stockholm University.
    Primary fields of interest: European religions before Christianity, the religions of ancient India and Iran, comparative mythology, and poetics. Professor Jackson contributes a monograph on The Invention of Sacrifice and various articles on Indo-European religion and poetics. He visited the project in 2008, and taught a block seminar on Indo-European religion and mythology.

    Phone: +46 (0)8-16 33 28Ring op: +46 (0)8-16 33 28

    Email: peter.jackson@rel.su.se

  • Cand.med. Peter K.A. Jensen

    Clinical associate professor at the Institute of Human Genetics, University of Aarhus.
    Primary fields of interest: the origin and development of man. Dr Jensen will contribute writings on genetic components and variation in Europe, presented in book chapters and articles. Jensen visited the project giving guest lectures in 2009 og 2012.


    Phone: +45 89 49 43 61Ring op: +45 89 49 43 61

    Email: pkaj@dadlnet.dk

  • Professor Kristian Kristiansen

    Professor of archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Gothenburg.
    Primary fields of interest: the bronze age; archaeological theory; Indo-European languages and texts. Professor Kristiansen will contribute book sections and articles dealing on European prehistorical archaeology. Professor Kristiansen visited the project in 2010 giving a guest lecture and in 2012 for the seminar Tracing the Indo-Europeans.


    Phone: +46 (0)31-786 4613Ring op: +46 (0)31-786 4613
    Email: kristian.kristiansen@archaeology.gu.se

  • Dr Jenny Helena Larsson

    Associate professor of Baltic languages at the Department of Baltic languages, Finnish and German, Stockholm University.
    Primary fields of interest: the history of the Baltic languages. Dr Larsson contributes a range of articles on the Baltic languages. Another contribution was a block seminar on this topic, given in 2008 when she was part of the internal group of researchers.


    Phone: +46 (0)8-16 43 85Ring op: +46 (0)8-16 43 85

    Email: jenny.larsson@balt.su.se

  • MA Anne Lene Melheim

    Ph.d. fellow at the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and Historical Studies, University of Oslo.
    Primary fields of interest: the archaeology of the Scandinavian Bronze Age with a particular focus on Southern Norway. Dr Melheim has previously worked on rituals; her current reseach project is on metallurgy. These are the areas she will research within the remits of the project.
    E-mail: a.l.melheim@iakh.uio.no

  • Professor Peter Schrijver

    Professor of Celtic languages at the Department of Modern Languages, Utrecht University.
    Primary field of interest: Celtic languages; linguistic contacts and substrata in prehistorical Europe. Professor Schrijver will be researching prehistorical linguistic contacts in Europe, presented in articles and a book chapter. Professor Schrijver visited the project in 2012 giving a speech at the seminar Celtic Spring in Copenhagen and with guest lectures in  2009A og 2009B.


    Phone: +31 (0)30 253 6143Ring op: +31 (0)30 253 6143
    Email: p.c.h.schrijver@uu.nl

  • Emeritus professor Theo Vennemann

    Emeritus professor of German Philology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.
    Primary fields of interest: Germanic and the linguistic prehistory of Europe. Within the remits of the project, Professor Vennemann will contribute a number of articles and a monograph on prehistorical linguistic contacts in Europe.


    Phone: +49 89-2180-2994Ring op: +49 89-2180-2994

    Email: Vennemann.Theo@t-online.de

  • Professor Gordon Whittaker

    Professor at the Seminar für Romanische Philologie, University of Göttingen.
    Primary fields of interest: Native American linguistics, ethnology and an Indo-European substrate language in Mesopotamia. Within the remits of the project, professor Whittaker is working on a monograph on Indo-European substrate borrowings in Sumerian.


    Email: gwhitta@gwdg.de

  • Professor Einar Østmo

    Professor of archaeology at the Archaeological Section, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo.
    Primary fields of interest: the archaeology of the Nordic New Stone and Bronze ages: settlement; trade and occupation; maritime history; burial customs; ceramics; rock carvings; chronology. Professor Østmo contributes a monograph on Norwegian stone cists and a study of the Norwegian coast. Professor Østmo visited the project in 2012 giving a speech at the seminar Tracing the Indo-Europeans.

    Phone: +47 22 85 99 41Ring op: +47 22 85 99 41

    Email: einar.ostmo@khm.uio.no

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