Substrata and linguistic contacts in prehistoric Europe

Two leading specialists in the field, Theo Vennemann, München, and Peter Schrijver, Utrecht, will focus on the non-Indo-European features of phonology, morphology and lexicon sur­fac­ing in Indo-European languages and the possibility to find the source of these aberrations in one or more substratum languages of which Basque holds a prominent position.

Schrijver will contribute with articles and book chapters on language contact in prehistory, including a chapter of a volume intended for the general public.

Vennemann’s research plans includes a volume of articles, Germanica Semitica, a popularized monograph, Our Daily Semitic: Phoenician, Hebrew and Arabic influences in everyday German, and a contribution, Pre-Indo-European Substrates, to a Handbook of Language Contact (Oxford). 

Oliver Simkin, whose project is primarily about Greek, will also continue his research into the languages and scripts of ancient Spain and Portugal, which not only force us to confront the controversial question of how and when the Indo-Europeans first entered the peninsula, but also provide a unique window into pre-Indo-European Europe.

Scholars in charge

Professor emeritus, Ph.D. Theo Vennemann
Professor, dr. Peter Schrijver 
Oliver Simkin