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Proto-Slavic Inflectional Morphology

16 November 2015

On October 9th Associate Professor Thomas Olander defended his doctoral dissertation ”Proto-Slavic Inflectional Morphology”.

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New publication examines the linguistic roots of Europe

11 November 2015

The publishing house Museum Tusculanum has released “The Linguistic Roots of Europe”.

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Job announcement: postdoctoral researcher in Archaeology

05 June 2015

A position as a postdoctoral researcher in archaeology has been announced. The position is part of the research project The homeland: In the footprints of the early Indo-Europeans (1 September 2015 – 31 August 2018).
See the full job announcement at UCPH's Job Portal.

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PhD defense and new postdoc

21 September 2014

On 12 September 2014 Adam Hyllested defended his PhD thesis Word Exchange at the Gates of Europe: Five Millennia of Language Contact at University of Copenhagen.

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PhD defense and new postdoc

05 July 2014

On the 20 June 2014 Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen defended his PhD thesis  Archaisms and innovations: four interconnected studies on Germanic historical phonology and morphology at University of Copenhagen.

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New professor

12 April 2014

Birgit Anette Rasmussen blev pr. 1/7-2014 ansat som professor mso ved faget Indoeuroæisk og forskningscenteret Roots of Europe.

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VELUX-funded research project

26 August 2013

The new three years research project Individual, kin and family in prehistoric Europe - what words can tell was initiated on 1 July 2013. The project is funded by the VELUX foundation.

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New book: Indo-European accent and ablaut

28 June 2013

The book Indo-European accentology and ablaut has just been published at Museum Tusculanum Press.

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Funeral service for Jens Elmegård Rasmussen

21 May 2013

The service will be held at 1.30 PM on Tuesday 28 May at 1.30 PM at Allehelgens Kirke, Ungarnsgade 43, 2300 Copenhagen S

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Jens Elmegård Rasmussen 15 March 1944 - 15 May 2013

16 May 2013

On 15 May, our research group was greatly saddened by the passing of our project leader, Jens Elmegård Rasmussen.

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Videos available

07 January 2013

The video recordings from 'Tracing the Indo-Europeans: Origin and migration' are now available online.

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Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead has succesfully defended her Ph.d. dissertation in Leiden 26 April 2012

25 June 2012

26 April 2012 Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead defended her Ph.d. thesis on pickpocket compounds from Latin to Romance at the University of Leiden.

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New publication

09 April 2012

The sound of Indo-European – phonetics, phonemics, and morphophonemics has recently been published at the Museum Tusculanum Press.

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Etymology and the European Lexicon: Call for Papers

10 March 2011

We are pleased to announce that the 14th Congress (Fachtagung) of the Indogermanische Gesellschaft / Society for Indo-European Studies / Société des Études Indo-Européennes will be held in Copenhagen from Monday 17 to Saturday 22 September 2012, and will be hosted by Roots of Europe at the University of Copenhagen.

Please continue reading to find details of submissions of papers to be considered for the congress.

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Bjarne Sandgaard Hansen appointed as Ph.D. fellow

15 July 2010

As of 1 September 2010, Bjarne Sandgaard Hansen has been appointed as a Ph.D. fellow at Roots of Europe.

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Guus Kroonen new postdoctorial scholar

08 July 2010

As of 1 December 2010, Guus Kroonen is a postdoctoral scholar at Roots of Europe.

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Roots of Europe gets deputy head of centre

01 July 2010

As of 1 July 2010, associate professor, DPhil Birgit Anette Rasmussen (Olsen) has been appointed deputy head of centre at Roots of Europe.

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Oliver Simkin new postdoctoral scholar

01 July 2010

As of 1 July 2010, Oliver Simkin is a postdoctoral scholar at Roots of Europe.

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New features on the homepage

10 September 2009

Roots of Europe's homepage has recently been enriched with some new features.

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Postponement of block seminar

17 March 2009

Benedicte Nielsen's block seminar on nominal composition has been postponed to the autumn term.

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Adam Hyllested appointed as Ph.D. fellow

06 February 2009

As of 1 February 2009, Adam Hyllested has been appointed as a Ph.D. fellow within Roots of Europe.

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Jenny Larsson assigned ass. prof. at Stockhom University

07 January 2009

Ph.D. Jenny Helena Larsson has been assigned associate professor of Baltic languages at the University of Stockholm as from the beginning of 2009.

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Report from guest lecture and opening reception

20 December 2008

On 5 September 2008, the opening of the centre was marked officially by a celebratory guest lecture by one of the centre's external members, Ph.D. George Hinge of the Institute of Language, Literature and Culture, University of Aarhus. The title of the lecture was: Sproghistorie og identitet: Lingvistiske glans- og trusselsbilleder.

Following the lecture, an opening reception was held. Speeches were given by the Rector of the University of Copenhagen, Ralf Hemmingsen and Jens Elmegård Rasmussen among others.

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Forthcoming deadline

27 November 2008

The deadline for registration of participation in the international conference The Sound of Indo-European - phonetics, phonemics, and morphophonemics is 1 December 2008.

Therefore, please remember to register soon by submitting a working title. You are reuqested to use the application form situated at the conference homepage.

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Change of hours of Jenny Helena Larsson's block seminar

20 October 2008

The scheduled hours of Jenny Helena Larsson's block seminar entitled Introduction to Lithanian/Baltic language and its history have been changed.

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New homepage

10 September 2008

The homepage of the research project Roots of Europe - Language, Culture, and Migrations has now been finished and made available for the public at the URL (Danish version).

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A new research project is launched

01 July 2008

Launching of the research project Roots of Europe - Language, Culture, and Migrations.

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